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Industrial Ozone Machine suppliers Particulier

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1. Office
2. Hospital
3. Rest room
4. Baths
5. Kitchen
6. Dining room
7. Home with pets
8. School
Ozone deodorizer machine Specifications:
QualityGood qualityPower350W
ColorAs the pictureOzone tubeQuartz ozone tube
ModelWAG-40GWarranty1 year
Item Nameozone deodorizer machineVoltage110V-240V
Ozone Output40000mg/hrMOQ1 set
Certification CE、RoHSFactory8 years factory
MaterialStainless SteelInstallationNormal
Outlet Diameter8mmDimension40*30*62cm
Generating materialCeramic PlateConcentration70-85ppm
Used forAir Purifier and Water Treatment
Ozone deodorizer machine feature
1. Ozone output 40g/h, timer 0-120 minutes
2. Timer control, LCD display screen
3. Portable & wall mounted design
4. Effectively sanitize air, water & food
5. CE certification, lifetime over 3 years, warranty 1 year
Ozone deodorizer machine air sanitization & purification
People face many health risks from indoor pollution caused by: normal household activities such as cooking, washing laundry, cleaning, smoking, painting, etc. , and smoking odors, mold and mildew, and volatile organic compounds that slowly evaporate from modern plastics and glues used in building and furniture making materials.
These pollution causes anxiety, allergic reactions, dizziness, dry cough, eye nose throat irritation, fatigue, fever, headaches, nausea, sneezing, sinus problems. Being exposed to environmental pollution in our living environments has varying degrees of risk that are hazardous.
Ozone is both a strong oxidizing agent as well as a strong disinfectant. Because of this, both benefits (oxidation and disinfection) can be achieved during the single step of ozonation. Ozone is an effective and simple solution to achieve clean and healthy indoor air quality.

Vegetable, fruits & meat washing & sterilization
Ozone can effectively kill most bacterial & viruses with more than 99% efficiency, and can also adequately eliminate residues of pesticides and chemical fertilizers on the surface of vegetables & fruits. Besides, ozone has advantages to decompose hormones & antibiotics in meat, poultry & fish, which can damage people’s health.
Washing fruits and vegetables in ozonated water helps to reduce the pesticides and herbicide used by growers. It extends their shelf life and they will taste fresher. Some users state it helps in keeping the grease ants away. Others have said drinking ozonated water helps bad breath and relieves acid indigestion.Industrial Ozone Machine suppliers